GOVT. ORDERS (General)

- Promotion to all students till completion of elementary education (Std: 1 to 8):
GO(P) No.99/12/G.Edn. Dated: 28/02/2012. 

- RTE Act - Permission to start new Govt. schools:
GO(P) 98/12/G.Edn. Dated: 28/03/2012.

-Ekeekaranam Ozhivaakki Retirement Age 56 Aakki Uyarthi.:
GO(P) No.183/2012/Fin. Dated: 26/03/2012.

-Pay Revision (2009) Re-option Kodukkaanulla Samayam 3 Maasam Vare Neetti.:
GO(P) No.176/2012/(56)/Fin. Dated: 24/03/2012.

- Vidyabhyaasa Package:
GO(P) No.199/2011/G.Edn. Dated 01/10/2011

- Sarkaar Jeevanakkaarude Sambalam Personal Bank'kal Vazhiyaakki.
GO(P)No. 402/2011/Fin. Dated 23/09/2011.

- GIS Thuka Parishkarichu (01/09/2011 Muthal):
>Scale 18740-33680'um Athinu Mukalilum Ullavar(B)'k: Rs.250.
>Scale 18740-33680'nu Thaazhe Ullavar(C)'k: Rs.200.
GO(P)No.381/2011/ Fin. Dated 06/09/2011.

- Daily Wages Thuka Varddhippichu: Primary: Rs.400, HS: Rs.500:
GO(P) No. 189/2011/G.Edn. Dated: 06/09/11

- 1:40 (Extended to 2011-12):
GO(P) No. 185/2011/G.Edn. Dated: 03/09/11

- Pay Revision 2009:
GO(P) No. 85/2011/Fin Dated 26/02/2011

- 1:40 (2010-11):
GO(P) No. 191/2010/Edn. Dated: 22/09/2010

- Census 2010: EL surrender allowed asper KSR.:
GO(RT) 2851/10/G.Edn. Dated: 30/06/2010.
>House Listing: Rs.2,200
>NPR Schedule: Rs.3,000 (3,000'il 1,500 Photo Graphing'nu Sheshame Labhikkoo.)
>General School Teachers'nu 24 Days Surrender (45+3 Days duty).
>Muslim School Teachers'nu Surrender 13 Days Aayirikkum(?). (27 days duty..?)
>Kanakkedup Nadathiya Veed'nte Ennam Anusarich Prathyeka Onerary'um.

- HM Sanctioning TA/NRA upto Rs.50,000 from GPF:
GO(P)No. 570/09/Fin. Dated: 19/12/2009

- BPL Survey: Enumerators EL Surrendar & Duty Leave:
GO(RT)No. 3438/09/G.Edn. Dated:.12/08/2009

- Govt. Employees'nte Retirement Date Ekeekaranam:
GO(P)No. 154/09/Fin. Dated:24/4/2009

- Maternity Leave 180 Days:
GO(P)No. 129/2009/Fin. Dated::1/4/2009

- Dist. Collector Avadhi Prakyaapichaal Teachers School'il Pokendathilla:
GO(MS)No. 143/2007G.Edn. Dated:20/07/2007



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